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Make Your Life Easy with Case Management Software

Case management software is now so popular in law firms that it is rare to hear of a firm that does not have it. The problem is that even though firms have the software, they don’t take advantage of all the benefits.

Managing Incoming Leads and Cases

Give your law firm an advantage over other firms by providing potential clients with an exceptional experience without the need for face to face interaction.

1. Offer your clients e-signature to sign retainer agreements and other documents from anywhere.

2. Digitize your client intake with forms making it efficient and convenient to sign on with your firm. Most case management software has customizable forms that make the intake process and collecting information easy.

Centralized Case Details

The great thing about case management software is that all client information, communications, time entries and notes are in one place. This enables everyone to stay up to date on what is going on.

1. Use a drop box or box account which integrates with almost if not all case management software programs.

2. Your Goggle or Outlook calendar can be integrated with some case management software, enabling you and your staff to see all appointments, depositions, court dates and discovery due dates in one centralize calendar.

Client Communication

Keeping your clients up to date on what is going on with their case is always important. This not only keeps them informed on what is going on, but allows you to perform exceptional service making your firm stand out.

1. You can send and receive messages within most case management software programs. This enables you to keep track of every mail and/or message sent to the client in one convenient place. This gives you a searchable record in the future.

2. Clients can be tasked with assignments that need to be completed with a due date and a specific message as to what the task is. Most systems will send reminders asking that a task be completed as the deadline either approaches or passes and the task has not been completed. Once a task is completed, your staff will be notified.

Keeping Cash Flow Going

Since keeping time and billing is part of case management software, there is no excuse to not keep contemporaneous track of your time. This ensures that all billable time is captured and the client is billed for all work done and expenses incurred. Case management software makes keeping track of time easy and there is simply NO excuse for not billing time once a month (or every 2 weeks).

1. The system notifies you when a retainer has fallen below a certain amount. This gives you time to get a replenishment retainer from your client before the client has no funds and you are working for free.

2. Most systems can set up automatic payment plans which make it easier to keep tracks of the payment plans. In the past, often payment plans have failed because no one in the office followed up with the client.

Tracking Your Firm’s Performance

The great thing about having everything in one centralized location is just that – everything is in one centralized location. You can look at a client file and know when the next time you need to go to court, what documents the client owes the firm and how much the client owes you. You can review cases, take necessary actions and make sure that no deadlines are missed and nothing falls through the cracks.

This also enables you to see where your firm is, how much revenue is owed, whether billable time is being met and what your profitability margins are at any given time.

These days there are many legal or case management software systems available. Seems like every week someone is coming out with something new. The case management software system you use depends on large part on the type of practice you have and what you need.

Unsure of what to do or can’t decide? I’m happy to help! I have experience with many of the case management systems available. Together we can figure out what system will work best for your practice based on the needs of your firm. I can help you get the software implemented and show you how to take full advantage of everything the software has to offer.

Call me at 813-340-9569 to schedule an appointment.

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