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Your Law Firm Doesn't Need a Full-time Administrator/Office Manager!!

Many people do not know but years ago I held a position as an administrator with a 500 attorney law firm. There was always something going on whether it was every day run-of-the-mill getting billing out, putting out an emergency, getting coverage, interviewing – and the list goes on. There was always something to do, and the day never actually went as I expected that it would. But that is the life when you are an administrator for such a large law firm. I can't describe any day as being dull.

But you know, with the help of technology, solo, small and sometimes medium size firms don’t need a full-time administrator to run the show. Unless of course you don’t mind paying someone for a full-time job, when it really is not a full-time job.

These days, it is difficult to justify a full-time salary for an administrator. Payroll is twice a month or every two weeks. Billing is done usually once a month. Trust account is reconciled after the billing is done; operating account is reconciled once a month. Most law firms have cut way back on office supplies, so ordering supplies once a month is usually sufficient. Hiring staff (hopefully) doesn’t happen that often. Even if you have a contingency practice (personal injury), checks are cut after cases have been settled. So what is there to do?

The truth is – NOTHING. Law office administration can be handled with a contractor who can do everything that a full-time administrator does – without the big salary and benefits.

So, why are you either a) doing without an administrator or b) paying a full-time administrator, when I can do the same for a fracture of the cost?? There are things that an office administrator can handle - and of the MOST important - is BILLING. Billing should never be pushed to the back-burner. Billing is the single most important thing in a law firm - next to actually doing the work.

Get someone with over twenty-five years experience without the high cost of overhead and benefits.

Contact me at 813-340-9569 and let me explain to you how your law firm can function with a contractor law office administrator. References are available upon request.

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