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I cannot tell you how many times a solo/small firm practitioner uses this as an excuse - for everything! I cannot afford to pay for marketing - I’m just a solo practitioner! I don’t use a law practice management consultant - I’m just a small firm practitioner! I’m afraid of growth - what happens if I take on too much business - I’m just a solo practitioner! I can continue to quote every excuse in the book - it’s the old fall back line and quite frankly I’m getting tired of it.

The solo/small firm practitioner is not a dying breed. In fact - just the opposite! Being a solo or small firm practitioner is gaining popularity and in the next several years I believe that being a solo or small firm practitioner will overrun the big firms. Why?

Have you ever hired a “large” firm and tried to get hold of a partner or even an associate? It is next to impossible. Leave a message and see who returns your phone call - I guarantee you it will be the paralegal asking if there is something they can help you with. Or perhaps the legal assistant, since phone calls work their way up the chain of command. It will not be the attorney. You will hear from the associate or even the partner when there is a deposition or when your case is set for trial. Until then, you get to wait.

The solo/small firm practitioner is accessible. There is (usually) only a paralegal or legal assistant standing between you and the attorney. When you make an appointment to meet with the attorney, it will be with the attorney. Not his legal assistant or paralegal. For this reason, I have always thought that your case will move along more swiftly than a case that languishes endlessly waiting for "its turns".

Being a solo/small firm practitioner does not mean that you need to forego services that the larger firms use to advertise, or even get help with paralegal services or management services. The great thing is that you simply pay for services on a smaller scale whether it is management, marketing, or office help. You use what you need and you do not overpay, while at the same time getting the experience of many more years than you could ever afford. What a great thing!

Solo/small firm practitioners earn six and seven figure incomes and their lives are way better than they ever were. Don’t be afraid of growth. Don’t be afraid of taking on too many clients. Invest in management, marketing and office help. You get to control your income and outgo at the same time living the life you want.

The next time that you want to say to someone, “I’m only a solo/small firm practitioner”, stop yourself and think about what that really means. It is up to you - are you setting yourself up for success or failure?

If you need assistance with managing the business of practicing law®, call me at 813-340-9569 or email me at: Check out my website at: Don’t wait for success - run out and grab it!!

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