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Law Practice Management Services

  • Case management software set up including document generation and training 

  • Billing and Collections including old A/R

  • Accounting and Reconciliations

  • Budgeting/financial and cash flow analysis

  • Trust account reconciliation according to Bar Regulations

  • Vendor negotiations

  • Equipment purchases and lease negotiations

  • HR including vetting, reference checks, salary negotiations, hiring, performance evaluations and termination

  • Conflict resolution (employer/employee or employee/employee)
  • IT including software evaluations, implementation of new software and case management and working with IT service providers
  • Client development and marketing

  • Website design, content writing, updating and blogging

  • Payroll

  • Tax documentation preparation for CPA

  • Other - as needed - please inquire via email or call 813-340-9569

**Certified Clio Consultant

Above services are available in a monthly law practice management package at a flat monthly retainer rate, or as "unbundled" services at an hourly or flat rate depending on the needs of the firm.

Services include one-time projects, including set up/start up of new law firms, budgeting for new firms, partner compensation, firm succession planning,  evaluation of legal project management, workflows, evaluation and implementation of case management software, accounting and/or billing software. 

Other - please inquire via email or call 813-340-9569

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