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Client Testimonials

Liz - From Lawyer to Law Firm - and I worked together to find the best matter management and CRM for my new law firm. She was insightful and a great advocate with vendors to help identify what I needed to succeed. Liz was a gem to work with and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Becca Larson, Esquire

Your Home Legal, APC

San Diego, California



There really aren't words to adequately express the gratitude I have for Liz Miller. In the 2 years I have worked with her, my firm has grown more quickly than the prior 10. Liz is almost like a therapist for your business. Need help with staffing, office policy, budget, collecting billables, marketing, HR, etc. etc. etc. Liz can help. I recommend her to all of my friends. She quite literally is the BEST. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!

Joshua G. Sheridan, Esquire

Busciglio Sheridan Schoeb PA


Tampa, Florida

I want to give a big "thank you" to Liz. We have a group of about 10 total (staff and attorneys), and Liz has been working with my firm for about 6 months. She has made us a more balanced environment where the staff can feel heard and have an outlet to solve their issues, and where management has the support of Liz's vast experience. It has made us (and will continue to make us) a more collaborative and growing environment. Thank you so much Elizabeth Miller!

Michael Ziegler, Esquire

Debtor Fighters

Clearwater, Florida

Any law firm, from infancy to well-established, can benefit from working with Liz Miller. She is the one who literally wrote the book on how to handle all the things we attorneys would rather avoid. Let Liz let you do what you do best – service your clients. Liz can assist you in navigating through all your firm’s administration tasks and make you more efficient and profitable. Liz is someone you want on your side as her primary loyalty is to see you succeed. I have personally seen that fierceness used to protect the best interest of my firm. She negotiated a deal with a much needed vendor that saved me thousands of dollars! As a solo starting out ... that was a huge benefit to my new firm! I recommend Liz Miller, and her years of experience, without reservation and with the utmost confidence that you have not yet figured out all the ways she can help you.

Brian Brijbag, Esquire

Personal Injury Attorney

Springhill, Florida 

To say Liz Miller is amazing is an understatement! She has been a tremendous asset to my to practice and business. She assisted in helping me implement systems, getting my billing in order and my firm is on its way to becoming an automated firm. I’m so thankful that I came in contact with her. If you have the opportunity to work with it. One of my best business decisions.

Michelle K. Rayner Goolsby, Esquire

Civil Rights Attorney

Clearwater, Florida

Liz Miller is truly generous. She treats each interaction as a building block for a longterm relationship, and it's because she genuinely cares about the unique challenges law firms and their people face. When I speak with Liz I know she cares about my firm's issues and also about me.

Charlotte Fernee Kelly

Employment Attorney

Tampa, Florida

Liz is an asset to ANY legal team. We have two firms and have been in the process of hiring and establishing workflows to streamline our process. Liz came in and made the process appear effortless. Our team is energized and ready to go! I can’t recommend her enough! Do your practice a favor and get her on your team.

Bridgette Michelle - Domingos Law 

Criminal and Personal Injury 

Largo, Florida 

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of knowing and working with Liz since the latter part of 2018. I began my solo practice of law in June, 2018 and my biggest regret is that I didn’t hire Liz before I started. She’s a wealth of information. She has helped identify problems I didn’t know existed and has aided in finding solutions. When you work with Liz, you don’t just get a phenomenal advocate and consultant, you get a trusted friend who has your back and will help you any way she can. She’s a great advisor but is an even better person. I can’t say enough positive things about Liz, and I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Shelton Sorrels Bridges, Esquire

Criminal, Personal Injury & Civil Litigation Attorney

Tampa, Florida 

Elizabeth Miller is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to transforming your law "practice" into a law "business." She has literally written the book on it (called From Lawyer to Law Firm)! My firm and I have personally reaped the benefits of working with Liz, and I am aware of more than a hand full of local attorneys who use her independent law firm administrative services to make sure their practice is running as a business.

John DeGiralomo, Esquire

Family Law and Civil Litigation Attorney

Tampa, Florida 

Running a small firm has a unique set of challenges.  One of the most important is finding the right people to help manage your office and caseload.  Our firm grew very fast over  the last five years and bringing on Liz to help manage our cases has been invaluable.  Her extensive knowledge of both personal injury cases and the management of the office has been an incredible help to our practice.  She has helped me return to being a lawyer instead of an office manager.  This book provides insights that law school and CLEs do not teach you.  Great read!

Mustafa Ameen, Esquire

Ameen & Shafii Law Firm

Criminal and Personal Injury

Managing a law firm can be overwhelming. In fact, it’s a lot like herding cats: unpredictable and chaotic. In her book, “From Lawyer to Law Firm- How to Manage a Successful Law Business”, Elizabeth Miller, an experienced no-nonsense professional administrator clearly and concisely guides readers on how to run a profitable and efficient law practice.  As an independent law firm administrator, Liz knows how to help your firm become efficient and productive, thereby making your law firm more profitable and contributing to your  bottomline.

 Catherine Jones


Law Office Manager magazine

Liz worked with me for many months during one of the most difficult times of transition that my former firm had ever experienced. Her insight into both the financial and people part of the practice was like a breath of fresh air.  She negotiated every bit of funds we needed as often as she could, while still being practical about diminishing returns.  She worked tirelessly in all aspects of the firm because she genuinely wanted to see the firm succeed and because she knew how to address problems in each area.  This book is like a written version of Liz’s helpful input and advice that she doled out to us daily – clearly written, simple to understand and on point in every way.  Just like Liz!  If you don't have the need - or the budget - for a full-time administrator - the most experienced administrator I've ever worked with at a reasonable cost that every firm cannot afford to be without.

Dorothy V. DiFiore, Esquire


Quintairos Prieto Wood Boyer Law Firm

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